Ok, this is getting ridiculous. 😉 We had the quarterly AppleCare Excellence Awards this afternoon…

I now have: 2x 1GB 1G shuffles, 2x 1GB 2G shuffles, 1x 2GB 2G nano, 1x 4GB 1G mini, 1x 4GB 1G nano, 1x 40GB 3G, and 1x 80GB 5G. Of those, I’ve gotten all of the shuffles (both 1 and 2G ones), the 2G nano, and the 1G mini from work. 😀

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  1. if you ever end up with too many shuffles or nanos (or hell even a full on video iPod) I’d be more than happy to help you out with some desk/cupboard/drawer space.

      1. i’m totally serious here. i’d love a nano but can’t afford to pay full price for a new one right now. if you’ve got one spare. of course. no pressure.

  2. Jesus! I missed this post somehow. Haven’t you sold any of the ones you don’t need??? I bought my sister a new one when I could have scabbed/bought one off you! 🙂

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