I ordered one of the new AirPort Extremes earlier this week, and it arrived yesterday… holy crap having wireless speeds the same as 100BaseT ethernet is awesome. 😀 It was an absolute cinch to set up, too… I ran through configuring it all at work, put it into bridging mode (since I’m still using my existing network as well, I don’t need it doing any routing), plugged it in when I got home, and BOOM. Über speeds.

My parents are using my old PowerBook, so I’ve got two wireless networks… the 802.11g one from the old AirPort setup, and the new Extreme is set to 5GHz 802.11n-only mode for just my MacBook Pro. Works very nicely. 🙂

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  1. don’t tempt me. I so don’t need to have faster internet from my bedroom (the signal’s not as good up this end of the house either – I could set up the airport closer but there’d be network cables through the kitchen then!).

      1. Well, if I can get the airport express to talk wirelessly to the wireless router/modem then that will probably be all good.

        I’m only going through the airport express temporarily because the router decided it didn’t want to let me connect to the network wirelessly anymore for no apparent reason after it was rebooted (probably something to do with IPs) and I haven’t got off my arse and fixed it yet (and I don’t have any local geeky friends whom I feel comfortable asking to come over and fix it for me).

        I’m probably not slowed down a hell of a lot by being further from the base station anyway? Haven’t really tested. And at the moment strangely it’s saying I have full signal from the bedroom which it’s never done before.

      1. hah, it’s not so much them being through the kitchen (although they would be in the way unless I ran them over the window sills and cupboards, it’s more my flatmate who would get shitty about it, because they wouldn’t be for her benefit). And to get anywhere but the laundry you’d have to go a long way around the kitchen to get to the hallway. Unless you went outside. I think I do have a really fucking long network cable but it’s probably really not worth the effort 🙂

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