I got an email today from our call centre manager saying basically “Your performance has been really good, thanks for your hard work, you’ll be getting a $1000 (pre-tax) bonus in your next paycheck”!!

😀 😀

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  1. Nows probably not the best time…

    Yeah I’ve just found out that at Optus, if your stats are average you get a $3500 or so bonus.

    my stats are PDR2, which is one off the highest… so I’ll be getting around a $6500 bonus….

    Heres aiming for PDR1, which is around 10.5k….

      1. Re: Nows probably not the best time…

        I dont see how.

        Im getting treated far better here than I ever did at Apple :p
        But then again, im not a contractor here.

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