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      1. It’s people like you that make Apple products cheaper for the rest of us by purchasing them early and allowing the rest of us to get a price cut. Heheh

    1. True, but with judicious use of smart playlists, I don’t actually need all my music at once. 🙂

      I always listen to my 80GB iPod on shuffle (through my entire library) when I’m on the bus and out-and-about, and I have a playlist in iTunes that lists everything that hasn’t been played or skipped in the last two months. All I did for the iPod touch is to add another smart playlist, where it grabs a random bunch of songs from that not-recently-played playlist and limits it to 5GB. When I sync my touch with iTunes, everything that’s been played gets taken off, and a new bunch of music gets put on to fill the space. It’s very elegant. 🙂

      (It’s limited to 5GB so I’ve got space to put TV shows on too).

      1. i must admit, i don’t really need even 30gig – I have the majority of my music on an external HDD, and I’m never that far away from my PC that I can’t swap over what I’m bored of, or don’t currently have. I guess it’s whatever you need – Charm has an 80gig, and loves it, but that’s because that’s basically her entire library

        1. ::nods::

          My entire library fits on my 80GB too. I don’t listen to entire albums at once when I’m listening to my iPod though, so despite the anal-retentive in me wanting my entire library on hand, I don’t need it. 😉

    1. To be honest, I actually bought it from JB Hi-fi, heh. It looks like it’s going to be ages before the touch is available on our internal discount store, and I’m an impatient bastard, heh. (I blame one of the guys at work… he went down and bought one first, then I was like, “Oh, what the hell!”. ;))

      Retail it’s $549, our own personal discount it’ll be around $410.

    1. It certainly is! I wasn’t really that impressed by the iPhone when it came out, the slickness of the interface doesn’t really come across in videos, but once you actually use it it’s very impressive!

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