I bought Metroid Prime on Thursday. 😀 It’s damn cool. Kinda struggling with the controls, though…it’s not set up like your standard first-person shooter.

On Friday night we went to the pub…they had a foam party in the beer garden. I wasn’t planning on going in, but I got dragged in. Drenched + 12-degree weather = recipe for a nasty cold. 🙁 Last night we went to the pub again, but were only there a couple of hours…everyone was really tired.

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  1. Yeah, Tycho and Gabe commented on the controls too. Supposedly they’re ok… when you get used to them…

    Of course, you’ve had the game since Friday – think you’re used to the controls yet?

    1. I’m getting there.

      The lack of a proper strafe really hurts, though. I’m used to strafing around corners and circle-strafing bosses and things. You /can/ circle strafe, but only when you’re locked onto to something. (To strafe in MP, you have to hold down L and move the control left or right).

      And it feels like almost like Doom sometimes…you can only look up and down when stationary. Don’t get me wrong, the game is awesome. It’s just a bit hard to pick up coming from traditional first-person shooters. 🙂


    I personally find that console FPS games are a drag. For me. I can never get used tot he controls. Played Unreal once, console-style, and it sucked donkey testicles. So I stay away from them

    1. Re: WHAT UP STEVE


      Me and my friends have played countless hours of Goldeneye, so I’m pretty good. 🙂 It’s all a matter of getting the right control setup.

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