Holy shit, I am sore.

I’ve got pretty much everything moved, just a bit left. It’s a damn nice unit… the renovations are so new that the dishwasher and oven still have their “Please remove before first use” stickers and stuff on them! The carpet is brand new as well, as is all the paintwork.

Pictures will be forthcoming once everything is put away!

And I’m working today.

::collapses in a heap::

[EDIT @ 12:48]
The only annoyance is that there’s absolutely no window coverings anywhere, not even mounts to put them on! I spoke to the real estate lady yesterday, she remembers there being mention of them being put in. She tried to call both the owners, but they live in Perth and are both teachers, and it would have been still within school time when she called at 17:00 yesterday. I’m going to bug here again today in an hour or two. At the moment I’ve got a bunch of aluminium foil taped to the inside of my window… it looks very classy.


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