Good lord.

We had the AppleCare Excellence Awards last week and I won a black 8GB iPod nano (which I’m giving to kungfupolarbear). I just had the call centre manager come over now and I’ve won ANOTHER iPod, this one a black 80GB classic, and JBL OnStage Micro speakers. Amusingly, this was for sales. I sold exactly ONE thing this entire quarter, and still managed to beat the rest of Tier 2. 😉

I rather wish they’d start giving out something other than iPods though. 😛

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    1. Well, I’ve been there coming up for five years and they’ve pretty much given nothing but iPods the whole time. Those of us that have been there a while have all built up a bit of a collection. 😉

  1. what number of free iPods are you up to now? 😛 my work was apparently thinking of giving a nano instead of a food hamper last christmas. FAIL! I could have sold the iPod 🙂

  2. Oh that’s just TERRIBLE that you get recognised for your hard work and achievements. You POOR POOR THING 😛 Hehe, just kidding wolfie, congrats =)

    I wish my workplaces had cool awards (Coles would give out a $10 coles voucher if we were recognised for exceptional customer service…who knows how a multimillion dollar company could afford to give out that massive $10 every 2-3 months)

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