There’s an app for the iPhone called Mobile Fotos that lets you browse and upload photos to Flickr directly from the phone. It can even embed the location data of where you are before it uploads. Very cool.

In practice though it’s not as much use, because for some reason instead of reading the embedded location data from the photo, Mobile Fotos just reads your current location, which is where you are when the photo is uploaded. That doesn’t really result in very accurate geotagging unfortunately. 🙁

And whee, I managed to get through an entire LiveJournal post without this iPhone LJ client crashing!

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  1. I do like the stalk capacity of the Location function in your LJ post, however. Two of you on my flist have been posting from iPhones, and I’m entertaining myself with, “Oh, so THAT’s where you work/live/catch the bus.”


    1. Hee!

      Poke around on my Flickr account if you haven’t already… most of the photos are geotagged. 🙂

      And aye, it’s not really so much of a problem with LJ, because it really doesn’t matter where you’ve posted it from, it’s just an interesting little bit of additional info. With the photos, though, it really annoys me! </anal-retentive rant>

  2. I’ve got one word for you: Exposure.

    Made by the same guy that made Xjournal way back when. Free ad-supported version, or $US9.99. Give it a try, I assure you it’s the best Flickr app for iPhone.

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