Well, that wasn’t a particularly auspicious start to the day… I went into the usual place I get my morning coffee from, Pie Face, and the COFFEE MACHINE WAS BROKEN. ARGH. So I had to make do with the sub-par coffee from the place across the road from work.

Pie Face make the most orgasmically awesome coffee, and I go in there so often that I don’t even get asked for what coffee I want… the girl that makes the coffees sees me and just starts making it. 😀

Then I got into work and there were already six calls in the queue (ideally there shouldn’t be any). Sigh.

On the bright side Lily had a solid eight hours sleep last night and didn’t stir at all until she woke up.

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  1. That reminds me of the time I had a hysterical outburst when the Starbucks across the road from work told me that they couldn’t make me an Americano because they’d run out of hot water.

      1. The best part was that they were still making espressos and steaming milk. Now you can understand why I had to be dragged out by a friend, whilst I was yelling.

          1. I’d been at work until after 10pm the night before, and since 8am that morning running around on the floor. I was fresh out of adrenaline. Karen dragged me to another cafe where they did have hot water and the barista looked really confused when I asked him if they had hot water and then started laughing like a lunatic. Good times. But my GOD that was a good coffee when I finally got it.

  2. I enjoyed reading about pie face. They make pies and you tell what flavor is the pie by the face designed on it? GENIUS. My goal in life is to try the “chunky steak injected with cheese” pie. When that happens, my life will be complete.

    1. What’s really awesome is the bacon, egg, and cheese pie. OM NOM NOM NOM.

      Their coffees are named amusingly too… the menu says “How do you wake up?” and they’re named “Still asleep!” (for decaf), “Tingle my toes!” (the weakest-but-still-caffeinated one), “Open my eyes!” (pretty much regular coffee), “Start my heart!”, then the strongest one is called “Kick my arse!”

      1. Oh, I don’t know… it’s a machine better than I see in most cafés, we have three people here that have worked as baristas! 😛

      2. Also, I’m drinking coffee today, while you’re on the Internet complaining that your favourite café’s coffee machine is broken! 😛

  3. ahh – now I know how everyone ELSE at work felt today because I was the one who broke our super spiffy, very new and very expensive coffee machine today!! hahahaha

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