w00t. We might be going to the midnight session of The Matrix Reloaded tomorrow night. 🙂

Still nothing from Jax about my mags…still, it’s only been two weeks so far.

And in other news, I’m utterly exhausted. I keep saying to myself “I’m going to go to bed early tonight”, and then end up going to sleep at 10:30. I blame the book I’m reading at the moment: “The Mad Ship” by Robin Hobb. It’s awesome. 🙂

/me props his eyelids open.

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  1. And while I’m here: “might be going”? If you don’t have tickets yet, is there any chance at all that you will be? ;P

  2. Yay, Robin Hobb!

    I was gripped by Ship of Destiny, enthralled by The Mad Ship… but half a chapter before the end of the book I discovered they’d missed out a quarter of a chapter or so.

    It kind of put me off my stride, and my unbounded enthusiasm never fully recovered, even though I took the damaged volume back to Dymocks and got it replaced.

    Also, if you haven’t read the Farseer Trilogy, go do so.

    1. Re: Yay, Robin Hobb!


      I have indeed read the Farseer Trilogy. I had that before the Liveship Traders ones, actually.

      And I’ve got book one of the Tawny Man series sitting on my bookshelf, but I’m not going to start that until I’m finished the Liveship Traders. 🙂

      1. Re: Yay, Robin Hobb!

        Good lad.

        I read the Farseer Trilogy, but I thought that expecting another equally good trilogy from the same author was a bit much, so I avoided The Liveship Traders.

        Then I heard that Hobb was writing sequels to the Farseer Trilogy, and I picked up book one just in case it was any good. It was. I got book two, and it was also good. Then I had a hunger for more Hobb, and out of desperation picked up Liveship traders, and read it.

        And then I wished I’d read the books in order, because a few of the surprises were spoiled for me. On the other hand I got a few surprises I wouldn’t have gotten had I read the books in order, so maybe it evens out.

        …oh, and Althea Vestrit’s *dreamy*.

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