Phew! I’ve only just gotten back home. I woke up at 10:20, had breakfast and went up to mum and dad’s for lunch. Picked Lily up in the afternoon and she opened her presents, then dropped her off at night at Sammi’s parents’ place. Then I went up to a friend’s place, then over to another friend’s. And now here I am!

I got the flash, and holy shit is it awesome! My indoor photos look so much better. I also got a snazzy indoor/outdoor thermometer that also reads the humidity as well, plus a JB Hi-fi gift voucher.

Since I got the flash, naturally I was running around taking photos of all and sundry. I’ve uploaded a few to Flickr.

Unfortunately I’m working tomorrow. 🙁 But if past Boxing Days are anything to go by, it’ll be dead and we basically get paid to sit there and do nothing. 😀

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