I was up at mum and dad’s this evening, playing around with my camera and flash. I did the initial exposure on the sky, then hit the Exposure Lock button and recomposed it against the trees, with the flash on. I think they came out very interestingly!

And of course, a couple of Lily!



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  1. The tree shots are excellent!

    and my first thought of the 1st Lily shot was “Isn’t she a bit young to be fencing?” For a second, the mesh of that hat lookedlike a fencing mask to me… heh.

    1. You might do already… on my camera it’s not a specific “Exposure Lock” button, you focus on whatever it is you’re wanting to lock the exposure from, then while still half-holding the shutter button down, press the ISO button. You get a little asterisk-looking icon on the display and the exposure is locked.

      Yours is a PowerShot G9, IIRC?

      1. Oh, I know I can do that, but it’s just annoying (and battery flattening) to hold it down and reframe, especially in a crowd at a concert which is where I’d use it most.

        Stop taunting me with your mis-described ‘button’!

        1. You don’t need to hold the shutter button down permanently until you take the shot… just until you’ve hit the ISO button. The exposure lock stays until you either zoom in or actually take the photo.

  2. Gosh Lily is so big now.. I’ve not seen pics in a while because i didn’t have the internet for a painful three months. She’s gorgeous!

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