I was talking to a colleague at work yesterday, the topic got onto our early forays onto the internet, and I realised that I’ve been VirtualWolf online for very close to ten years now.

I went looking through a folder of old files from years ago (I have a school assignment from 1994!) for the first references to my current nick. The very earliest website I still have is from March 1998, although I’m sure I had a couple of ones before that, I just must not have saved them. My nick back then was “DevlinSlayer” (I was a huge Marathon Trilogy fan, the “Devlin” part was taken from a total conversion called Marathon Evil). It seems “VirtualWolf” didn’t come about until somewhere between the end of 1998 and March-ish 1999.

I’m amazed it’s been ten years, that’s crazy.

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  1. cheers to our 10 year old usernames!

    so much lower maintenance than 10 year old kids. oh wait you have an actual kid. that’s much less funny then.

    1. I do, but I think a ten year-old would be lower maintenance than an almost twenty one month-old. 🙂

      In fact, I’d imagine the amount of maintenance required for a child is inversely proportional to their age.

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