kungfupolarbear and I are planning out our trip down to Florida*!

The current idea looks like this. And spread over three days. The stops in Piscataway and Brick are to visit a couple of friends of hers, and the Aberdeen stop is to visit friends of my parents. After that there’ll be a stop somewhere between Aberdeen and St. Augustine, it just depends on how tired we are and how far we get. Once we’re in Florida we’re going to visit the Kennedy Space Center at some point too. There’s a shuttle launch set for 28th April, which is exactly when we’re in Florida! That would be very cool, assuming it doesn’t get pushed back.

Where “kungfupolarbear and I” is actually just kungfupolarbear since I have no idea where anything is.

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    1. I used to be able to see it from my mom’s place, since Florida is so flat, but it’d just be a colored streak in the sky. Seeing it close up would be mind blowing. Nick and I pretty much photograph anything and everything ever so I assure you it’ll be photographically documented in duplicate! Hehe.

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