I realised it’s been almost a month since I took any photos with my regular camera. I think I’ve just been feeling uninspired… and the total lack of furniture in my place at the moment kind of limits things too, heh. Photos of a large empty room? Not very interesting.

Once kungfupolarbear gets here (ELEVEN DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE, SQUEE) we’ll be out and about taking photos of all and sundry! Most of the photos I’ve been taking recently have been from my iPhone, altered with Camera Bag and uploaded to Tumblr.

I snapped a few photos of Lily with my full camera today, though only one was worth keeping.


I was combing her hair after her bath last night, and it’s actually getting really long! The sheer curliness of it disguises the length. And good lord does she manage to get some impressive knots in there. I’ve found the trick to her staying put so I can de-knot it all is to put on Shrek 2 and just have her sitting in my lap watching it while I comb. She’s discovered Monsters Inc now too and says “Mons-ers!” while we’re watching it. 🙂

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  1. The facial expressions this child makes are truly priceless.

    Also, that is a good strategy (Shrek). My parents used to just douse my head in that detangler spray stuff and strong arm it. It rarely went well. 😉

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