Things are significantly better than last post! We’re both getting over our sickness, thankfully, and the apartment seems to have given up on actively trying to kill us.

For one, it’s my birthday today! We definitely timed things nicely… I was in Boston for kungfupolarbear‘s birthday last year in August, and I’m here for mine this year!

We haven’t done too much by way of photo-taking, though we went to Rockport again today, which was snazzy. And bloody cold, too. I got some cool photos, much more interesting than the “Oh, here’s a building at an uninteresting angle. Here’s another building of the same” I had last time. 🙂 We’re about to head out to a delicious delicious Indian restaurant for dinner.

Saturday night we had kungfupolarbear‘s going away party, which was great fun. I saw quite a few people I’d met last time I was here, and met absinthetic, wee_squirrel, tamalinn and catullus_5 for the first time. Sunday night was Rock Band, also a whole lot of fun, saw some more people that I’d met last time too.

Tomorrow we’re going to see trunkbutt, Wednesday is last-minute packing, and Thursday morning we leave Boston! Phew!

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  1. Yay! And your birthday espresso chocolate chip cookies are in the “oven”. They’re no cake, but the toaster oven does cookies well, anyway 🙂 I love you.

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