What with Twitter and Tumblr, I haven’t been updating this much!

kungfupolarbear and I are getting married in FIVE DAYS! Holy shit. And the weather forecast so far says it’s meant to be fine.

– I actually own a suit now! I’ve only ever worn one once before, that was for my Year 12 Formal and it was a rental. $600 suit reduced to $200, woo! We just need to find a shirt now. We picked up kungfupolarbear‘s corset and skirt last weekend from Gallery Serpentine (the corset is this style but in cream, with black lace) and by god does she look stunning.

– My parents have hired a professional photographer for the wedding, we’re going to a restaurant called Limáni afterwards, then going back to their place for ice cream wedding cake, mmmm! My parents are the bestest.

– Guitar Hero: Metallica is fucking excellent. I’m actually starting to get half-decent on the drums, which will work nicely because all of my friends suck arse at them. 😀 kungfupolarbear has been rocking out on the bass on medium as well.

– Work is being obnoxiously busy today, and I have a horrible feeling I’ve got a cold coming on. 🙁 And I’m working Saturdays this month, boo.

But over all, squee!

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  1. Oh how much do I adore your parents 🙂

    Your dad took me to check out the restaurant today and kept introducing me as his “future daughter-in-law” and was beaming. It was the cutest thing.

    I’m just about squeeing my face off here.

  2. limani is a greek word!
    something along the lines of water/boat/port!

    and squee wedding!!!

    jeez nicky, you have changed so much since our sydneysiders pashups!

    next week you will be married with a child.

    the world is insane.

    i want babies.


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