So. kungfupolarbear and I got married on Tuesday! It was a small ceremony, with just my parents, grandma, sister, and her boyfriend. And it was windy! And cold. But still, squee! It’s very odd having a ring on my finger having not ever worn jewellery before.

My dad took a few photos with my camera, and we should have the professional ones back today!

I actually have a wife. And I’m a husband. Woah. I’m wondering when it’s actually going to sink in properly. 🙂

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  1. are you competing with lily for hair length yo?!

    and oh god i love the cake topper;such a cute touch!
    if only the faux-nicky was carrying an ipod …

    as for the ring, give it time.
    i’ve never worn a ring in my LIFE & it took me a good 3 weeks to get used to my engagement ring. despite the fact that i’d been fitted before and i KNEW it was my size, it still felt snug. it felt like my finger was all puffy and i kept taking it on/off.

    so happy for you, my favourite NERD nicky <3+++

  2. Yeah it doesn’t feel like it’s sunken in for me, either. I think it’s because I probably pictured it being much less fun than it is. Then again I never pictured myself being lucky enough to marry someone I can also call my best friend, so that’s probably it, too. Squee.

    1. oh my god you guys are killing me.

      srsly – let’s go see “the hangover” on the tuesday after it opens. don’t ask me when that is. I think next week.

          1. That could work! Nick doesn’t get out of work until 7pm, but that’s still fine afaik. If that’s too late, then he’s off on Fridays and that should work, too.

      1. man, i think i must be the queen of introducing people.

        you’re now friends with nick and kate is really good friends with my friend cath.

        i miss my friends 🙁

          1. i’m going to be in sydney for my dads birthday first week of august.

            we neeeeeeeeed to have a meetup with everyone; coz i’m feeling all emo and unloved down here 🙁

  3. Well… my hair used to be so so short that it wasn’t a big deal to know guys with longer hair than mine. Plus… the metalhead crowd tends to contain guys with long hair anyway. Heh 🙂

  4. yay! and you should know that i accidentally read that last para: “I actually have a wife. And a husband….” and i was like, um. they’re poly?

  5. YAY HUBBY!!!!!!
    What a gorgeous lady you have! I like the corset 🙂

    Big congrats to you both!! Now if only i could convince Neil to put a damn ring on my finger!!!


  6. it’s weird seeing someone I’ve known via the internerds for so long get married

    oh and have a kid


    congrats dude

    1. Heehee! 😀

      I dunno, it doesn’t feel like we’re being grown up… we’re playing Guitar Hero at night and being immature and leaving hilarious messages with lolmagnets on the fridge. 😀

  7. Heh, I read that as:

    “I actually have a wife. And a husband.”

    For a second, I was thinking whoa!

    But for realz, big congratulations to the both of you!

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