Oh hey. LiveJournal. Right. Bullet-point updates ftw!

  • kungfupolarbear and I have been married (squee! That’s so not getting old) for over a month and it still feels like a big extended sleepover. It’s fantastic.
  • In less awesomeness, both kungfupolarbear and Lily have been sick of late, with Lily being really sick… she was up pretty much every hour last night coughing, which mean she was pretty much non-stop grumpy today. I’m quite amazed that I’m as awake as I am at the moment.
  • We bought a shiny new TV Sunday last week! It’s so very very awesome. Next purchase is a laptop!
  • kungfupolarbear starts work on Monday! It’s down at Central, which is dead easy to get to by public transport from here.
  • A friend lent me his Canon 400D DSLR camera this weekend, we wandered down to Dee Why Headland and took a few photos. There were more than these ones of Lily, but none of them were particularly interesting.

Now, time for a shower and then bed very shortly afterwards, I think. Ugh. ::faceplant::

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