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      1. Never could see much of a difference when it comes to the younger ones, and I’m from an extremely blendy blended family. I’d wager that Lily is going to grow up thinking of you as a mom (not necessarily calling you such) rather than always a step-mom. What this means is someday you can ground her and perhaps also lecture her about boring grown-up stuff. Yay?

        1. While that’s a nice projection, I don’t think most happy blended families contain a mother who said she’d call the cops if I ever babysit her daughter, etc. One can definitely hope for the best, and I do SRSLY hope things calm down so Lily can have a somewhat normal life, but in the meantime all we can do is be that bastion of normalcy for her 50% of the time.

          1. I’m not sure how that discounts my point? I’m talking about your blended family (you, Nick, Lily), not her nutty mom. In fact, Lily having a nutty mom probably means she’ll need you as a mother-figure more in her life later on, not less.

            And if she has a crazy mom (even just a little bit), Lily will never have a “normal life,” but who among us does, and we all turned out awesome, yeah?

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