We had a party at our house last night for kungfupolarbear‘s birthday. There was Munchkin, Guitar Hero, drinking, and chatting, and it was great! I ended up rather drunker than I have been for quite a while, hehe.

Unfortunately, after everybody left when I was turning all the lights out I managed to stub my toe and it looks like I dislocated it. 🙁 It’s definitely not broken as I can still move it and bend it fine, but part of it is a very interesting shade of purple and blue.

We went up to Barrenjoey Head yesterday and snapped some photos with that 400D that I borrowed again from a friend at work. We were going to go back to North Head in the morning and get some good photos of the cliffs, but by the time we finished doing everything we had to get done, it was already midday.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Crumbling Sand

11,000 Volts

And tonight I took some photos of the flowers I bought kungfupolarbear for her birthday. I’m really happy with them. 🙂

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