Ah LiveJournal. I’ve been neglecting you lately.

Well, this weekend has been drama-filled. My daughter’s mother has been a complete psycho and threatening to not let me see Lily due to my getting annoyed at her for changing her mind with regards to child support every month (we’ve got a private arrangement right now where I just give her the money, rather than going through the Child Support Agency — which is soon hopefully going to change, as I called them today about it). Big long ranty SMS messages saying how horrible I am and how horrible kungfupolarbear, the latter most likely because kungfupolarbear made me realise I don’t need to just sit and take all her shit. Ugh. My stomach’s been in a knot the whole weekend.

In other equally sucky news, we were told towards the start of January that we’re getting made redundant. The whole call centre, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Customer Relations. Our last day is the 5th of March. I’ve applied for another job inside Apple, “Systems Engineer – Enterprise”, which looks pretty cool. I had the interview Wednesday week before last, but have heard absolutely nothing since. I’ve got a friend who I used to work with who is leaving his sysadmin role to do something a bit more technical who’s hooked me up with his boss’s email address, I’ve sent my resumé through there as well. There’s also a Mac support role at the University of New South Wales that I’ve applied for, so we’ll see how things go.

The Canon EOS 400D I’ve been borrowing from a friend at work is no longer available, as his brother is using it full-time for a photography course. Grumble! We’re still going to be getting the 7D, but it’s looking further and further away until we do get it. I keep getting the hankering for photography, and our lowly PowerShot S5 just doesn’t cut it anymore. Even apart from the impending redundancy, we keep getting the amount of money that’s on the credit card down, then something expensive comes up and brings it straight back up again. :\ Most recently it’s been the car registration, service, and insurance, plus last month the starter motor shat itself and I had to get a new one. I guess I can’t complain too much about that one though, as it looks like it was the very original starter motor (my car is a 1993 Corolla) so it would have gone at some point anyway.

I’ve adjusted the security my entire LJ so it’s friends-only now. I’ll probably go through and change the photography entries to be public, but that’d be all.

Blargh! So far, 2010 can go fuck itself in the ear. Although kungfupolarbear being here is absolutely fantastic. We’ve been married for just over eight months now, and I have no idea where that time has gone! Squee.

And I just got a call from my friend’s boss about the sysadmin job, he wants to meet up Tuesday next week! Huzzah.

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  1. Yay edit!

    Also, they’ve done a surprisingly good job of keeping the closure quiet; no one seems to actually know. People at Chaddy were disappointedly blown away when I mentioned it. As you could imagine, we already get messy situations sent to us from international support, so it’s about to get worse. Blah blah!

    1. Aye, one of the other guys who went for the Systems Engineer role was talking to the interviewer guy about it, and apparently everyone upstairs is rather concerned about the level of support in future. :\

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