Wow, I haven’t posted here for a while!

Lily is doing well, and Sammi and I have been staying over at each other’s places a lot. Lily’s sleeping through the night which is nice… she’s usually out for a good seven or eight hours. She’s up for immunisation soon, and according to all the check-ups she’s had she’s going excellently. Sammi took a bunch of photos, but I don’t have the fullsize ones at the moment. I’ve got a handful.

This was at a friend’s place, her cat came up and was snoozing on us. 🙂

One of my roommates bought a kitten earlier this week. He’s been rampaging around and likes coming in and sleeping on the bed.

And I’m finally not all povo and sleeping with the mattress on the floor!

Looks very spiffy if I do say so myself.

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