I’m not very good at writing about such things, so I’ll just say it flat out… kungfupolarbear and are I now a couple. 🙂

We’re just so ridiculously perfect for each other, it’s amazing. Yes, there’s the slight problem of living on two completely separate continents. 😛 But we’re working on that! The last two weeks have been awesome. It was quite a teary goodbye at the airport today, on both our parts. 🙁 But I’m staying positive, as we’re both committed to working things out.


I’ve also uploaded the other two batches of photos to Flickr… Taronga Zoo and the Sydney Aquarium.

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      We originally know each other from Everything2, I joined there in 2000 and she joined in 2001. We talked on IRC a fair bit a number of years ago, then started up on AIM like last year. Went onto Skype, and eventually, well… here we are. 🙂

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