Woo! I got a pay rise at work. An extra $1800/year, which works out to be $150/month (we get paid monthly).

Nothing to sneeze at!

In nerdier news, I’ve just about finished all my Imperial Guardsmen. I have to just do some touching up and get the flock done on the base, and they’ll be done. After that all that’s left is my command squad — which is only five models — the two junior officers, along with my last heavy weapons team and the Leman Russ Demolisher.

My next purchases are probably going to be a Hellhound or two, and some more heavy weapons teams.

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      1. I did figure that. I think more the question I was asking was more ‘will apple pay me that without me having to work for them?’ (not because i’m against working for apple, but as someone who has never owned any apple products outside of the iPod I’d feel like a fake)

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