Well, after all my glee in my last post, Lily had an absolutely atrocious night. 🙁

She woke up a bit before 1, I just put her dummy back in and she went back to sleep. Unfortunately she woke again at 3, with her nose totally blocked again. I attempted to give her another good squirt of saline solution, but I didn’t want to wake my roommates up with her crying. I brought her into my room and put her in bed, and she kept stirring and crying out for a good couple of hours. I finally got to sleep again at 5, and woke up an hour later to her stirring more (she wasn’t crying, just moving about, but I’m quite a light sleeper).

All up I probably got about three or four hours sleep last night. I was intending on having a nap on the bus on the way in to work, but I remained stubbornly awake. 🙁 On the bright side I’m a lot more awake than I was expecting to be.

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