A somewhat delayed entry!

So obviously we’re back in the country now! And I’m back at work. Grumble.

The flight back was fucking horrible. There was this baby, wouldn’t have been even a year old, that was randomly shrieking at the top of its lungs. Not crying, full-on banshee wailing. There was quite a bit of turbulence too, just to add to the fun. Thankfully I’m not motion-sick.

We arrived back in Sydney on Saturday morning, breezed through customs, and ended up getting a lot done in the morning before we passed out! We opened a joint bank account, deposited kungfupolarbear‘s cheque that she brought over plus the one we got as an engagement present from her grandparents, got her a pre-paid SIM with 3, and did a bit of shopping.

Unfortunately whatever it was that kungfupolarbear was sick with in Florida came over with us. Thankfully we were able to pay $60 to go to the doctor, it took all of probably ten minutes, and we came out with a prescription for antibiotics, which themselves cost about $15.

Yesterday we went to Ikea, which was pretty much made of fail. We had Lily, who’s got a cold at the moment and I’m fairly sure she’s teething, so she was extremely grumpy towards the end. We found a few things, but none of them came in the colours we wanted, and kungfupolarbear was coughing and wheezing too.

I’m back at work now too, boo. It’s like I never left. Although I’ve only got today and tomorrow and then it’s the weekend again! kungfupolarbear is off to see the new Wolverine movie with a couple of my friends. She gets along extremely well with all of them, which is excellent.

I’ve uploaded the photos I took to Flickr. I’ve added a handful below.

Old buildings

Sunset over St Augustine


Launch Pad "A"

Saturn V engines

13 thoughts on “A somewhat delayed entry!

        1. My mom’s dog is hilarious. When she runs… I swear her alignment is off and she kind of goes in one direction in the front and a different one in the back, it’s epic.

          1. YES I’ve seen dogs like this! They are amazing, I saw a weinerdog whose back legs were a good step or two faster than his front legs, so every couple seconds he’d adjust to keep from running sideways! AHHHHHHHH!

    1. Not only demonic, but it was FUCKING ENORMOUS! I have never seen a seagull that big over here. 😮 Seriously, it was huge.

      said they’re definitely not normally that large, so it must have been some sort of mutant bird or something, heh.

  1. 1) The seagull appears to need chapstick.

    2) Aformentioned pup needs to come to my house.

    3) One of the reasons I want a baby is to buy all the cute-ass teething stuff they sell. I… I don’t have good reasons for wanting kids… I guess what’ I’m saying is, on the bright side, you can buy her adorable stuff?

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