A somewhat delayed entry…

I got massively drunk Saturday last week. 6 Smirnoff Ice Double Blacks (mmm, 7% alcohol) + half a bottle of vodka’s worth of shots. 🙂

No luck on the car front as yet. Both the dealers we went to didn’t have the cars that were advertised (apparently the Corolla is very popular…3 days max, and they’re generally gone).

We went bowling last night. 😀 Holy crap I suck, heh. Got 3rd in the first game we played, and last in the second. Still, it was quite fun.

And I’ve just tidied my room, so it’s all neat ‘n’ stuff. Cleanliness++. It really improves my mood, having my room like this. 🙂

Oooh! And Opeth are coming out here in April. 😀 😀 They’re in Sydney on the 13th…I’m so totally there. 😀

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