A year on

Wow. It’s been exactly a year to the day since I started at Atlassian! I was looking back at my LJ posts when we found out we were getting made redundant at Apple, and they were understandably bummed out, but holy crap did everything turn out nicely. 😀

In the year I’ve been at Atlassian, I’ve gotten a total of 11.5% in payrises plus a bunch of share options, I’ve been able to get my geek on massively, and am working in an even more laid-back and more awesome environment than Apple had!

I love my job. 😀

14 thoughts on “A year on

  1. Ok, I plan on replying to your awesome reply to my apple woes asap but I just have to quickly ask.. Do you work in the Sydney city office?! If so we work across the road from one another.

    How did THAT happen?! 😛

          1. I find that so amazing. I go there so often too. How on earth have we never bumped in to one another?!

            I would -love- to meet her!! Muchly! 😀

            We should pick a day. It gets tiring talking to bank people all day so this is awesome for me. Haha! I’m not taking any time off other than the standard public holidays around Easter so I’m free whenever.

            Happy Birthday by the way!! 😀

            1. Sounds good! We should make it next week some time (well, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday), since that’s ‘s last week at her current job anyway (it’s in Pyrmont, and she’s taking a bunch of time off from working to get her tonsils out).


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