And now, a work-related update

Hey, why not update three times in a night!

Come the 19th of April, I’ll have been at Atlassian for THREE YEARS. Insanity!

It’s been crazy busy the last month or two, as one of our hosted services is winding down and being phased out, and we need to get everyone migrated over to either OnDemand or their own self-hosted instances. Despite us announcing that we were phasing it out back in October of 2011, far too many people have left it to the LAST DAMN WEEK to get everything sorted out, meaning that in addition to our normal load of support issues coming in, we have a heap of these extra hosted ones to get done too.

It’s flat-out and I’m pretty drained by the end of the day, but thankfully it’s not actively stressful, and once I’ve finished for the day, that’s it… I don’t need to be continuing to work from home afterwards.

Having said that, christ I’ll be glad when we’ve finished with all this. ::faceplant::

Also, I should probably go to bed now.

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