8 thoughts on “Fun With 50mm

  1. Man, I am so looking forward to getting a fast 50mm (or maybe a 35mm, for the cropped sensor) and spending a day or two photographing random things just to ogle the depth-of-field effect. 🙂

    Did you post-process these much? The last two, in particular, seem more vivid than mere taps have a right to be..

    1. Oh seriously. It’s fantastic fun. 🙂

      And hah! I love that phrasing. I did a bit of tweaking, aye. None of the images straight off the camera are particularly punchy.

    2. I did some fiddling around last night with the kit lens, flicking it between 35mm and 50mm… I think I’m going to go for the 35mm f/2 when I eventually get a DSLR of my own. Much more usable field of view.

      1. You’ve read that 50mm-focal-length-on-35mm-sensor is supposed to be a ‘standard lens’, in that it (very roughly*) approximates the field-of-view of the human eye, right? 35mm-focal-length-on-APS-C-sensor is the same deal.

        (* Apparently an accurate approximation of the field-of-view of the human eye would be ~42mm focal length on a 35mm sensor, but for Historical Reasons those lenses aren’t very common…)

  2. So how do these photos pop up so well as they do? The colour seems much more vibrant and shaper than real life. Is the camera doing most of the work, or are you touching these up in photoshop?

    I really need to get the background shots of my movie looking this hot and I’m a bit lost how one goes about it.

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, I’m touching them up a bit in Aperture. Mostly to do with the colours, but I’ll add a touch of sharpening if necessary. I add vignetting to pretty much everything ever, I love the look of it. 🙂

      If the photo is crap or uninteresting to begin with though, there’s usually nothing I can do make it better. 🙂

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