14 thoughts on “Hurrah for background music at work!

      1. are you saying Unforgiven II isn’t awesome? hahaha ,or that S&M hahahahaha album HAHAHAHAHAHA

        i’m sorry, i can’t finish that sentance with a straight face.



        1. Hahaha.

          Master Of Puppets is one of the best albums ever. \m/

          Although I don’t mind their newer albums, with the exception of St Anger, mostly because it’s a steaming pile of arse. Justice and earlier are definitely far superior though.

  1. Someone told me something today about a Swedish couple (I think) who wanted to name their daughter “Metallica” but the Swedish Authorities rejected them.


  2. i’ve been puzzling about this – what could you possibly need an apple tv for at work? just to know how they work so that you can support them, or a perk for when the phones aren’t busy?

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