23 thoughts on “Hurrah for new toys!

    1. Hahah, no.

      I’m installing Mac OS X Server on it. 🙂 I’ve got a USB-to-ethernet adapter on the way, and the machine is going to be my router/server and general learn-new-stuff-on machine. 🙂

  1. Errr…

    Hi Mr Wolf, its one of your cool friends from work (who at this point for reasons about to be revealed will remain anonymous).

    Im hoping everything is ok with your new toy. While you were away from your desk today some of the lads took the oportunity to have a gander at the package on your desk. Well, you know how boys can get! Before we knew it a full-on, Jean Claude Van Damme blood-sports like game of pass the brown box had been started & err umm…the box kinda got trampled/trod on/dropped a few times.

    Im confident in the product that we sell & im sure a little of the old ultra violence will not stop this mac mini from delivering what our God Stevey J had planned for it. Go forth and prosper and see you in the sweat shop my fine friend. 🙂

    anon aka ‘the Smellyballsack’ aka ‘el gusto blusto’

    1. ::grins::

      You can never have too many computers! 😉

      But seriously, it’s going to be my router, and I’ll be able to muck about with Mac OS X Server and Learn New Things™. 🙂

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