We had Lily for a week from Saturday the 27th to yesterday (it was school holidays). It was great to see her again, despite her mother being totally useless Lily seems to be a nice kid still, heh. Though she does have dreadlocks, ugh. Not over her entire head, but still. She was totally plastered to my side for the first couple of days, which was exhausting, but after that she’d calmed down and we got into the groove of things.

We went to the beach with mum, dad, my sister, and nieces (obligatory photos here), which was really nice, and mum and dad came to visit for lunch on Friday.

Lily’s reading is pretty incredible, she’s got a big book “Encyclopaedia of World Wildlife” that has whole pages of text about all these different animals, and she can totally read it all! She was playing a game on the Xbox where there’s lots of text that scrolls in fairly quickly and she was able to read that too.

Beanie was very excited to meet a new person, and was so devastated when I came back from dropping her off and she didn’t follow me out from the garage! He kept looking back and forth between me and the garage and wagging, as if to say “You’ve forgotten her!”

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