Lo, an update!

Woops. It’s been a while, time for a bullet-point multi-paragraph update!

• The house is still excellent. We had the air conditioning guy in a few weeks ago to fix the broken control box inside, and now the thing actually picks up temperature properly (the temperature sensor on the old box had been painted over ::facepalm::).

• In less good news, Lily’s mother decided that she’d try to get us to take Lily full-time, with no warning, claiming she was a “bad parent”. This despite kungfupolarbear having stalked her on Facebook and seen that she was busily hanging out with a bunch of new people and going to parties. Lily seems to be living with her grandma most of the time, from what we can tell. Which I’m mostly okay with, because it means I don’t have to deal with her psychopath mother. Anyway, we shut that idea down pretty hard, and she gave it up. But jesus fucking christ.

• Yesterday night was a total clusterfuck of EPIC proportions. We went to Newtown to have dinner with tannymonster and her girlfriend (which was lovely), but then someone committed suicide via train at Waverton and the ENTIRE train network fucking MELTED DOWN. We left Newtown at 8:17pm, and got home at TWENTY MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT. For some unknown reason they had trains running semi-regularly out to Penrith, but absolutely nothing on the Richmond line. We ended up going to Blacktown and sitting there for 45 minutes before a train came down that was apparently just going back and forth between Richmond and Blacktown. And even then we actually sat on the train for 15 minutes before it even started moving. Just unbelievable.

• I worked last Sunday so have today off, and I’m currently all snuggled up inside while it pisses down torrentially outside:

We’re right at the “C” in “Castle Hill”.

• Speaking of work, it’s been busy but is still good! There’s a big push to get us doing things other than the direct support queue, so I’ve been putting on my developer hat and have been doing a bit of coding, which makes a nice change. The aim is to get us doing 50% proactive (i.e. non-queue) work by December next year.

• I’m having three full weeks off over Christmas, which is going to be goddamn AMAZING because I don’t think I’ve had holidays over the Christmas period for I’m not sure how long.

• Lots and lots of photos have been taken, including our Halloween party and Melbourne Cup day. One of our office organiser girls actually messaged me the other week to ask if they minded if my Melbourne Cup photos were used in an article in Business Insider!! I said yes and asked for the photos to be credited to me. Eeee! Lots of other photos too, take a look at my Flickr page.

…I think that’s about it, though I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten something!

2 thoughts on “Lo, an update!

  1. I love how Lily’s mum is simultaneously “quit your job and drop everything so I can go party” and “hey give me more money”. Not sure she understands how this works.

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