We went to see Apocalyptica last night. For those that don’t know, the band consists of a drummer and three dudes playing cellos. And holy fuck they rock the hell out! I was seriously blown away. They play the cellos like they’re guitars, and the speed at which they play is just astonishing. Check out this video for an example. They were on stage for a solid hour and a half and it was goddamn awesome.

It was definitely one of the most impressive shows I’ve been to. They really interacted with the crowd and you could tell the loved the hell out of being up there and playing. At the end of the show they were genuinely grateful to everyone for showing up. I find bands that don’t interact with the crowd to be boring as hell.

There were a couple of annoyances though. First was security at the place being utter dicks. Before getting in they pored through every nook and cranny of my bag and were asking about what was in my pockets too, then told kungfupolarbear that she couldn’t bring her water bottle in, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS EMPTY. Then when Apocalyptica were playing I was taking a photo with my iPhone and this dickhead security guard told me to put it away, and was standing right next to us for the next ten minutes standing over everyone and looking everyone up and down. Way to ruin the mood, fuckwit. I can understand not letting people in with DSLRs who aren’t part of the official press or whatever, but who the fuck stops people taking photos on their phones of the concert they’re at, especially in this day and age?! Ugh. Definitely not going to the Hi-Fi again if I can possibly avoid it.

Secondly, there were a bunch of drunk fuckwits in the audience who were talking loudly through the quiet parts of the performance in the middle of the show. I didn’t hear them until the quiet bit, but apparently they were talking through almost the whole first half, and kungfupolarbear was about to explode into a ball of rage. :\

But other than that, wow. That show would definitely rank up there with the best I’ve seen! We’re going to see Warbringer in October (they were the opening band for Finntroll when we saw them in Boston the first time I visited), and I just found out today that Nightwish is touring in January next year. Woot!

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