Machine-gun style updates!

Yet another new design for my website. (And yes Screwtape, it /is/ XHTML 1.1 compatible! :P). I’m back to waiting for a rev 2 G5. The iPod + new stereo plan for my car will definitely be happening (mmm, 40GB iPod…). Premium petrol does actually make quite a large difference in the performance of my car; it accelerates faster, at high revs it’s smoother and sounds quieter, and is just generally really good. Premium for me all the time now! My cold is is still here, and the sore throat has turned into a chest cold. Fortunately, I seem to be slowly beating it.

2 thoughts on “Machine-gun style updates!

  1. FUCK ME ! It really XHTML ! And it actually looks good ! Not a font tag to be seen.

    You should come over here and smack some sense into our desingers 🙂


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