Mmm, consumerism.

I’d best be careful… there’s a JB Hi-fi at the Gallerie Victoria, just down the street from work…

7 thoughts on “Mmm, consumerism.

  1. When I was in Sydney in 2002 there wasn’t even a JB in the CBD…I think Paramatta was the closest. Or was that still the case in 2004? I can’t remember.

      1. I know, there’s even one in Perth.

        I still don’t understand how sydneysiders coped before JB. I had to go into the city to a JB just to get the new ladytron album, that’s how much sanity (closest cd shop to me apart from k-mart) suck arse. See, I expect K-mart’s range to suck, that’s ok. but it cheeses me off that a specialist cd store would dare not stock a new cd that I want. 🙂

        whinge over and out 🙂

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