We went unit hunting in Waterloo today. We saw about seven places, one of them was particularly filthy, and a couple also had people in them still, but we found one that we’ve applied for. It’s a really nice layout, you come in the front door and the master bedroom is down a hall, and you go downstairs for the kitchen, lounge room, and second bedroom. It’s probably a little smaller than our current place, but it feels really cozy! It’s on the ninth floor too, which is nice. We’ve put our application and a “reservation fee” in, and as far as we can tell nobody else even saw it (we needed to specifically make an appointment, and the lady who was in the place already apparently wasn’t aware there’d been an inspection arranged, heh).

It’s available on the 4th of next month and we’ve gone month-to-month with our current place. It’d be about a 30-minute walk to work for kungfupolarbear and somewhere around 45-50 minutes for me (or I could catch a bus.

Crossing everything that it works out!

Also, construction of the NBN is scheduled to start in that area in the next year. 😀

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