New shiny!

kungfupolarbear and I were talking about what camera she was thinking of getting (Canon PowerShot S3IS), I saw the review and it can take video at 640×480 and 30fps. I was thinking of putting the $250 of gift vouchers I got for Christmas for JB Hi-fi towards a video camera for taking decent videos of Lily, but then decided to go down to the Mall and see if they had the S3.

They didn’t, but apparently that camera is about three or four years old now, and they had the S5IS instead. With the gift vouchers (and $50 off the RRP because the last model they had was the one on display) I got that plus a 4GB SD card for $406. 😀 😀

I’m now busy taking photos of everything. 😉

4 thoughts on “New shiny!

  1. admittedly it’s probably much chunkier, size-wise and price-wise (I bought it in the US, paying with £ so…crazy cheap) but the canon G9 can (allegedly, I rarely use the video so i’ve not checked) do HD resolution video.

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