On Sunday afternoon/night we went up to Dreamwood International, which is a very fancy name for a little B&B about an hour’s drive away from us. It was so nice, though. The owners were really friendly, the place was absolutely spotless, and when we got there they had freshly-baked scones with fresh cream and home-made jam waiting for us!

They breed border collies, golden retrievers, and alpacas. We got to play with the border collies, and went for a walk with the owners as they were feeding the alpacas on Sunday night. They are such ridiculous-looking animals! kungfupolarbear got a few really good shots of them. My photos were mostly of the border collies.

We timed it very nicely, too… on Sunday the weather was nice and sunny, but yesterday when we woke up it was all wet and dreary. All in all it was a really nice and and relaxing weekend. We’ve had a five day weekend due to Easter Friday and Monday, and Anzac Day falling on the Monday as well (Anzac Day is a public holiday too, so the public holiday from Easter Monday got pushed over to Tuesday). \o/

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