Oh god

Oh god, Robowar. OH GOD.

IT. IS. TERRIBLE. IMDB’s rating of 4.0 is about twice what it should be. At least The Room had quotability… Robowar was just plain terrible. It was physically exhausting watching it.

We’ve discovered that after watching a truly terrible movie, the next one has to be a fair bit less awful. Cue Beowulf! It has Christopher Lambert, who is always hilariously awful, and was enjoyably cheesy. I don’t know why it got only a 3.7 on IMDB… it’s certainly no masterpiece of cinema, but dear christ was it vastly better than Robowar.

4 thoughts on “Oh god

  1. Ever watched any episodes of MST3K? The terrible movies they mock are indeed wretched examples of the film-maker’s art (or lack thereof).

    No MST3K episode has come anywhere near the jaw-clenching awfulness of Scary Movie, though.

      1. I hesitate to say “You should go watch some” because although the heckles are pretty good, in between heckles you’re still watching a terrible movie. Still, it’s good heckling practice, and MST3K has earned its place in popular culture – Joel, Mike and the bots are always good company for a lazy Sunday evening.

        If you’re interested, “utternerd” is a useful word to Google for.

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