The move

So we moved from our old place in Turramurra to a new unit in Waterloo on Saturday last week.

It was a pretty rubbish move.

Firstly, the lift in the old place broke on Friday night (after we’d brought a bunch of boxes down to the carpark so the movers would be able to pack them more quickly, at least). I called up the emergency number and they said they’d send someone out, the guy came at 7am on Saturday morning (which is exactly when the movers arrived) and got it going again, but after he left it decided to occasionally just stop working for several minutes at a time, leaving us waiting on our level of the building with giant things like the fridge. We didn’t end up having to bring much down the fire escape, but jesus fucking christ.

Then we got to the new place. The first place we were meant to unload everything was at one of the entrances to the carpark (the truck doesn’t actually fit into the carpark), and it was a ramp sloping downwards. The moving guys said they couldn’t unload anything like that because things could very well just fall right back out of the truck. There was also a good two minute walk from where the truck was to where the lift up to our level was.

We moved around to another carpark entrance which was flat, but still wasn’t anywhere near the lift. We eventually managed to get everything moved in, but it took seven and a half bloody hours all up.

We’ve also had the fun of dealing with the useless real estate for the old place. The guy wanted to schedule an open house on the Saturday that we were moving out, I told him it’d need to be in the afternoon (3pm or so) and that there’d be stuff there still because we were coming back on Sunday to do the cleaning. I went in on Monday to drop the keys off, and he asked if we’d cleaned the unit because when the inspection was on there was still stuff there. YES I KNOW YOU DIPSHIT, WE TOLD YOU THAT WOULD BE THE CASE. Then he didn’t have the original form showing which keys had been given to us, and when I looked at the one he did have I realised it was from the previous tenants back in 2011. After that he said that there should have been two garage door remotes instead of one, because there were two cars spots. I had to say that no, we only had a single car spot. And now I’m suspecting we’re going to need to harass them to get our bond back.


We’re all moved in now though, and are slowly unpacking things, so it’s actually looking like our place rather than a temporary crapshack filled with boxes.

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