The precious is here!

The new lens (35mm f/1.4L) arrived yesterday! And holy shit I can see why people rave about L-series lenses (for those not in the know, L-series lenses are Canon’s absolute top-of-the-line insanely high-quality lenses). It’s absolutely amazing.

kungfupolarbear and I met up for lunch yesterday, then wandered around the garden sitting area just across from my work and took some photos.

Seriously, just wow. It focuses extremely quickly and totally silently, and the bokeh is just stunning. I could go on for ages, but I’ll stop now. 😉 kungfupolarbear assisted with getting the cropping right on those three pics… she really has an amazing eye for what works and what doesn’t. I can look at a photo and see that the cropping doesn’t look good, but specifically why, and how to fix it, often eludes me. 🙂

Then I took another photo tonight, with the flashes.


So yes. LOVE. 😀

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