We had a car accident on Wednesday night. Turning onto Pacific Highway to go to the gym, and a fuckwit teenager wasn’t paying attention, went through the red light, and smashed into us. Thankfully he hit the very front-right of the car, in front of even the driver’s side wheel. I was completely fine apart from a slight graze on my forehead, but we had to take kungfupolarbear to the hospital because her chest was excruciatingly sore where the seatbelt had grabbed her.

Thankfully it turned out to be only bruised ribs and not anything broken or fractured. My poor car is a write-off though, the entire front frame of it was bent to the left and the engine is completely mangled. I made my statement to the police last night (Thursday night) and the officer I was speaking to (who was at the accident on Wednesday night) said there was a witness that she needed to contact, but it was likely to be ruled in my favour. Which I would bloody well hope so, since it wasn’t my fault! The idiot teenager was claiming that he had a green light, despite the fact that there were two lanes of traffic next to him that had stopped.

We only had third-party insurance on our car, so the car itself wasn’t covered, but the other guy’s insurance will. However, his insurance company can’t do anything until the police make their final report and confirm that it was his fault, so we’re basically in a holding pattern at the moment. Fortunately mum and dad are able to give us lifts where necessary, and we don’t have to use the car for getting to work. We’re going to just get a new car of the same model and somewhere around the same vintage – the old one was a 1993 Corolla, and they can be had for between $2000 and $3000 now. If we used the car a lot more we’d probably get something newer and fancier, but with our usage there’s really no point.

So yeah. Pretty fucking shit week. 🙁 On the bright side we’re having bad movie tomorrow night, so that will be good.

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  1. Oh NO! I’m glad is ok. I was imagining it as you wrote it and FUCK! what a painful shock while driving. Horrible.

    Bruised ribs are bad enough, but lucky they weren’t broken, because they take soooo long to heal (my dad had broken ribs about 20 years ago from an ill-thought-out application of the Heimlich manoeuvre). Still, send her my best wishes from the internets.

    Did you find the 1993 Corolla reliable? I really want to get something in the $2000-$3000 range. My mum is DEAD against getting such a cheap car, but like you guys I won’t use it much. I used to have a Nissan Pulsar Q 1991, then a Pulsar sedan which was a lot posher, and they are now only about $3K. There seem to be a lot of 90s corollas still on the road though, so I am swaying towards them.

    What were your bad movies? 😀

    1. Thanks. 🙂 Yeah, it was pretty crazy. I’d actually managed to avoid being in any accidents until now, too.

      Did you find the 1993 Corolla reliable?

      Yeah, it was an absolute trooper. It was my first car, and I’d have had it for ten years come March next year. It was the absolute base-model, had air conditioning but no power steering and not even fuel injection (it still had a carburettor!). As long as you don’t get one with massive mileage, I don’t think you can go wrong with a Corolla from that era. 🙂

      What were your bad movies? 😀

      We actually only ended up watching one, as there were some problems with the videos a friend brought over so we had to download one. It was Nazis at the Center of the Earth and it was really quite something, haha.

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