Updates ahoy!

♦ The company I work for now, Atlassian, got US$60M in venture capital from Accel Partners, who invested in companies like Facebook and Macromedia. As part of all of that, we ended up getting an 8% payrise (it used to be that people would get a bonus at the end of the year, but there was a lot of angst about it and everyone ended up getting the full 8% anyway, so they just rolled it all into our salaries). Also as part of the whole venture capital thing, we got given share options! (Lots of coverage about it).

♦ So basically my current job is awesome. It’s all of the bits I really enjoyed about the Tier 2 job at Apple, expanded out to an entire job, and without the phone support, plus with lots of good extras!

♦ In less good news, the useless mother of my child decided to move to Wagga Wagga (for those not in NSW, it’s about a five hour drive away from Sydney). She’s coming up to Sydney once a month with Lily now. I really miss Lily, but I also don’t miss the more frequent drama with her, so it’s a net gain I think. Not to mention I’m sure she won’t be in Wagga Wagga for more than a few months at most, given how utterly useless she is with money.

♦ We bought a new lens last month, the Canon EF 100mm f/2, and have been busily taking lots of photos.

kungfupolarbear and I are looking at buying a unit! It won’t be for a year or more, but we’ve got a reasonable chunk of money saved up already and with both our jobs going very nicely, we’re able to put a goodly amount into the savings account each month!

So on the whole, huzzah!

5 thoughts on “Updates ahoy!

  1. Ah, I knew I knew Atlassian from somewhere when all the stories popped up online! Glad that everything is going really well!

    1. Oh seriously. I’m not too concerned because I know it’s not going to last long.

      Also, we still need to meet up at some point when we’ve got Lily! 🙂

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