Woo point form updates!

• I’ve had yesterday and today off work sick. I’m all coldy and blocked up and icky-feeling. Thankfully this is my week off with Lily, so I won’t give it to her.

• I’m currently talking to kungfupolarbear on Skype and we’re talking about how we’re going to set up the furniture for our place, and what we’ll get, and it’s interspersed with random squeeing. 😀 I’m going to be over in Boston in exactly four weeks! And then we’ll be back here in just over six!

• I’ve decided to actually make use of my Tumblr account, and will be using it to post my random photos of various things (which will probably end up being mostly photos of Lily that have been altered with Camera Bag :P). The Tumblr app for the iPhone is very snazzy and makes it much easier to update, and with TwitterFeed it’ll send updates to Twitter.

• My parents have said they’ll pay for our wedding!! We’re still going to have a small do first, partially because planning a full wedding in three to four months would be horribly stressful, and kungfupolarbear‘s mum wants to be able to come too and she wouldn’t be able to get time off work that soon. But omfg. SQUEE. That was so totally unexpected. Dad said they wanted us to have something that wasn’t small and cheap and rushed. 🙂

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