Phew! Man, this week has gone by in an absolute flash. It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you’re actively busy the entire day.

The other guy from Apple, Chris, and I are going to be supporting JIRA, Atlassian’s bug tracking software. We’ve been spending the whole week working through a bunch of documentation and learning how it all works and how to use it. We’ve been left to our own devices to work through it all, they’re not constantly looking over our shoulders seeing what we’re doing.

The general atmosphere is very similar to Apple, all laid-back. There’s no formal breaks or schedule either, which is fantastic. And we get an hour for lunch, instead of half an hour. They’ve got a kitchen area downstairs that’s totally stocked with food and drinks and snacks, all free to eat as you please! And there’s an entire large fridge dedicated to storing beer and general booze! No Bundy, but my manager said I could speak to someone about getting some in. 😀

So yeah. It’s going extremely well!

And of course, considering we now have a shiny new camera, it just wouldn’t be proper to not include some photos!

Come to Me


Command Me


Everyone loves cardboard tubes!

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