At Atlassian, that is! And holy crap, the pay is significantly better than at Apple. AND they’re giving me a voucher for kungfupolarbear and I to stay in a snazzy hotel for a few nights before I start! And I don’t start until April 12!

I also got a call last night from the Catholic school asking me to come in for a second interview, and an email this morning from the place in Artarmon asking me to come in for a face-to-face interview! Man.

But YAY! I haz a job! One of my co-workers from Apple also got a job there too, which is awesome, so there’ll be a familiar face there to begin with. WHEE!!

15 thoughts on “YAY!

    1. Your memory isn’t spotty because I never actually said!

      The job title is “Support Engineer”, it’s a support job for Atlassian’s various software packages.

  1. Dude if you need to learn java I know it pretty well now so I teach you a bit if you want. but if its javascript then I need to do some reading 😀

    Yeah for you dude SO MUCH CONGRATS

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