I’ve changed my plans for my new computer. Instead of waiting for a second revision G5, I’m going to get a older-model G4 (the MMD one).

Dual 1.25GHz processors, 256MB PC2700 RAM (I’m going to get a 512MB stick from Zone Computing), 80GB HD, Combo drive, NVIDIA GeForce 4 Titanium video card, grand total is $3458.

Now to start saving! 🙂

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  1. Wouldn’t you be better off saving for the low-end revision two G5? (…because you’re obsessed with the concept of second revisions. (Unless they’re peripherals, you first-gen iPod and iSight boy.)

    You don’t want two G4 chips! You want one beefy G5!

    1. No, because I can’t wait that long! And I want dual processors, and, and, and…stuff!

      Not to mention this will be a helluva lot cheaper than a dual G5, regardless of revision.

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